What can Cruising Drive Mode application do?

What can Cruising Drive Mode application do?

1. Shows speed in miles/hour
2. Automatically turn on drive mode when speed crosses the limit provided (by default it is 15mph)
3. Can silence mobile when drive mode is on.
4. Can reject calls and send auto reply SMS.
5. User can call to emergency numbers i.e. police, fire brigade, ambulance, Motorway Helpline, Custom emergency number
6. Auto reply to incoming calls and sms.
7. User can take pictures and videos from this app.
8. Can track location from map.
9. Can send location via sms to others.
10. User can play music during driving.
11. User can dial number from contact list or through dialer.

12. User can register and sign in.  

And finally the most important feature of all for the worried parent or employee supervisor, Auto message notification to the assigned person when the app is off or deactivated.                                                 

• User can change emergency contacts.
• User can turn on/off auto reject feature.
• User can edit auto reply sms.
We are adding new features day by day.

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